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Why I founded Water Club?

To put the health of People and Planet first!

I have always been passionate about nature and the environment; a true ‘water baby’ with childhood dreams of becoming a marine biologist. Unsurprisingly I grew frustrated with the impact consumerism has on the planet and that not enough was being done to protect it.

As a bottled water drinker it struck me that it was totally inefficient to package water into little bottles that we often throw away within a few hours. The average London adult buys 175 plastic water bottles per year. If we scale that to the UK it equates to 7.7 billion plastic water bottles per year… and counting.

I realised the development of a truly sustainable alternative started with looking at the full supply chain, not just changing the packaging material.

In 2017 David Attenborough shocked the world by showing humanity the extent of their plastic pollution with the release of Blue Planet 2. Since then the pressure on plastic and single use has become mainstream and is forcing packaging change in most areas. The reaction of the major players in the bottled water market was to move the market towards 100% recyclable packaging or packaging made from a percentage of recycled plastic. For me this was not enough and only increased my frustration!

I don’t view this as a move towards sustainability. Why? After visiting my local recycling plant I learnt a few eye opening facts about plastic and it being ‘recycled’. Largely plastic can only be recycled once before it loses its integrity and needs to become an end of life product or ends up in landfill. Secondly, there is a lack of infrastructure currently in the UK to recycle these ‘recyclable’ bottles once used, which perpetuates the single use model due to the likelihood being that these bottles will also end up in our oceans and landfills.

It is crucial to remember that all packaging, whether made from recycled plastic, aluminium or plant material, comes with its own environmental issues, such as excessive energy and water used to manufacture, complex composting procedures and lack of recycling infrastructure. Not to mention that there is a huge need for transportation at all stages of the supply chain, from raw materials, delivery to depot/store and finally to recycling/waste centres via train, plane, lorry. It was clear then to me that there had to be a better way! I realised the development of a truly sustainable alternative started with looking at the full supply chain, not just changing the packaging material.

I founded Water Club to challenge the reaction to the plastic crisis from the major players in the industry by offering consumers a true alternative to packaged water. Water Club is simple: we use the existing water infrastructure and remove 99.9% of the nasty impurities, while making sure we add back healthy powerful minerals. We don't package our water, simply because there's no need to.

Water Club is designed to be as healthy, affordable and convenient as bottled water and crucially, sustainable. Water Club is a unique interactive experience for our members, they are not just buying high quality mineral water, they are making a sustainable choice, reducing their carbon footprint and donating to environmental charities. We have two core focuses: health and sustainability, so rather than just being a sustainable option, we wanted to go a step further by actually helping to fund charities that are counteracting climate change and the plastic crisis. Business should not just be about profit but something bigger. That's why Water Club will always put the health of the People and Planet first.

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